Hello, my name is ………

……Aidan P Roberts, and I like to write poetry! 

Poetry has always been a real passion for me, from Childhood onwards. I have taken quite a hiatus from it over recent years as my time was taken up by a challenging career (and an even more challenging private life), a long commute and too many outside influences. Now that my life has become a little less challenging I have found poetry to be my release, my outlet and my passion! It was like a damn had been destroyed and the flood behind it released!

It is not unusual to find me still up at three o’clock in the morning writing my third or fourth poem of the day and too eager to finish them then to give into sleep!

Heartbreak and divorce can sometimes trigger the most amazing passion, and words flow like a spring. whilst that spring is still strong i intend to make the most of it, who knows when it will run dry and become barren!

On the subject of heartbreak I have written two books, entitled: “A Poetic Journey Through Heartbreak = Volume One and Volume Two” which I am promoting on this site. They were written in very sad times over the past three years and depict the pain, fear, sorrow, love and loss I felt throughout this most desolate and lonely time. You know that a journey, once begun, must someday end, but it does not make it any less painful when it does.


I hope you stay and walk a little way with me as my journey continues. All I can promise is that I will do my best to write words you want to read and find pleasing to the eye.

Welcome to both my new page and to my poetic World!


(Aidan P Roberts is a pseudonym which I have chosen in honour of my late parents and one which is used solely for my poetic works. All over written works are offered for publication under my author name. This is for the purpose of marketing only and for no other reason or intent)

Both books are available on Amazon and Kindle.

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